Specialized in implementation of hotel projects with experience in 05 continents at the largest international chains.

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Analysis of locations, potential for growth, future companies or businesses in the area and rates practiced in the region, thus justifying the investment.


Review of proposed architectural projects and plans, identifying the operational flow, in order to make the building as efficient as possible.


Listing of all the necessary equipment for the enterprise. In addition to the recommendation of the best operational equipment and specialized suppliers.


Planning from the initial stage and monitoring
the development of the
hotel project.



Development of operating manuals for each area of the hotel, in order to standardize each one of them.


Development of all
sales and marketing
planning required for
each enterprise.


The process of designing, planning and operating a golf course is complex and should be developed based on a sustainability perspective, including the environmental, social and economic outcomes of the project.


The golf projects development area aims to present the economic, entrepreneurial and conceptual foundations in the development of golf courses.


In this scenario, we offer a service that contemplates the study and analysis of all the phases of a golf project: from its conception to the operational management and administration.


• Implementation of administrative and financial routines, internal controls and policies for internal consumption.

• Implementation of weekly closing routines, reduction of differences in stocks and adjustment of financial values.


• Implementation of internal controls to reduce physical inventories (primary and secondary).


• Management of financial, accounting and human resources departments, cost control and audit of revenues, supplies, warehousing and IT.


• Creation and monitoring of financial modeling for short, medium and long term projections, strategic and managerial reports.


• Formulation and administration of cash flow.


Bruno Ribeiro, consultant with large experience in Hotel General Management at global large premium hotels. A proven marketing planner, refined multi-level communicator, structured leader, as well as systematic service centricity to create prime market position with a pronounced EBITDA focus.




Bruno Ribeiro, a consultant with extensive experience in General Management of large global premium hotels. A refined multi-level marketing and communication planning profile, structured leadership, as well as the systematic service centralization to create a privileged market position with a strong focus on EBITDA.

Luiz Fernando Miranda, a Hospitality Professional, Bachelor in Hospitality with wide experience in Administrative / Financial and Operational areas. Solid knowledge in the area of Controlling / Operational Management in setting goals and planning. Focused on results with a vision that is strategic, easy to absorb,

and share information and knowledge. Throughout these years, I have acquired the capacity, dynamism and creativity required by the profession.

Luciana Zamecki is a graduate of Centro Universitário Dinâmica das Cataratas (UDC). Started working in the field of residential and commercial architecture. Subsequently, specialized with a Master's in Architecture and Lighting by Instituto de Pós-Graduação e Graduação (IPOG). (Graduate and Undergraduate Instituto). Since, the enchanting quality of lighting and its possibilities has been the beginning of countless projects, in addition to gourmet and hotel architecture, in which several works were developed.

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Umberto Beltramea has over 30 years of international experience as a hotelier and restaurateur. He has held management positions at premium hotels including LHW, Mandarin Oriental, Constance and Relais & Chateaux. Has experience in business planning and execution, costs and control management, with capabilities in increasing customer satisfaction through standards of service quality.


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Olé: A communications and marketing agency comprised of a team of advertisers, designers and journalists. In the market for over a decade, it's had in its DNA the daily desire to innovate and go beyond the limits. We believe that intelligence applied to the ability to perform is the best combination of work and success one can offer. We are proud to see that many brands, offline and online branding projects, campaigns and new business launches have come through the agency.


Exclusive FRT is an operator that works in the luxury and exotic tourism market. With exclusive products in a variety of destinations, meeting the desires of those who seek sophistication, authentic experiences and differentiated services. Its mission is to transform the dream of traveling into an experience of unforgettable happenings that allow the customer to see, feel and get to know each place in a unique way.



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